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Five Ways to Up Your Wine Knowledge If You Still Can’t Tell Your Terroir from Your Tannins – Concrete Playground



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Wine — a four-letter word that can open up a whole world of possibilities. Yep, learning about wine (and, of course, drinking it) brings up fun facts about travel, food, agriculture, history, science and more. But, if your eyes glaze over when you peruse the shelves at your local bottle-o — or you think carbonic maceration is the name of a heavy metal band — we’ve got five easy (and not boring) ways for you to up your vino knowledge.

To do so, we’ve teamed up with online wine retailer Vinomofo. If you’ve ever felt out-of-place when your uncle talks about terroirs and tannins, you’ll soon be sneaking “did you know that the pressure in a bottle of champagne is about the same as in a semi-trailer tyre?” into…

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