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NASA’s InSight Mars lander is in emergency hibernation. If it can’t save its batteries, it could die. – Business Insider Australia

The InSight lander is shutting down nonessential operations to save energy. An out-of-season dust storm could end its life on Mars.



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NASA’s $800 million Mars lander is in an energy crisis.
InSight, which landed in a Martian plain called Elysium Planitia in 2018, has detected more than 500 Mars quakes, felt more than 10,000 dust devils pass by, and started to measure the planet’s core.
But over the past few months, InSight has been fighting for its life as the red planet’s unpredictable weather threatens to snuff out the robot.
Unlike other sites where NASA has sent rovers and landers – including the landing spot of the new Perseverance…

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